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NEW! HomeSchool - Pod Learning

HomeSchooled – Pod Learning

Affective as of August 2021
The Latest Greatest New Learning Experiences – HomeSchooled Learning Pods; where small groups of children distance learn together. Your very own customized field trip.
Fanshawe Nursery Ltd. A Day In The Country facility is available for HomeSchool Learning Pods engaging in a multitude of education, healing, and personal growth experience led by Mary Hooydonk registered with Canadian Horticulture Therapy Association.
Pods:  4-6 Children (accompanied by adults) 12 person maximum/Pod

Minimum of 4 Children/Pod                   

Mondays through Saturday – 9:00am – 11:30am
 (2 ½ hour learning time)
Cost: $15.00 per Child

For more information on our new HomeSchooled Learning Pods, and to head over to our Learning Pods page.

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*ALSO - Stay Tuned For Future 2021 ~ 2022 Workshops!
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